• Classification and analyses of archives
Deposited at the MRA:

– Publication in the review “Patrimoine russe” of N. Bieliavsky’s classification of ARCHIVES OF THE REGIMENTS OF THE IMPERIAL GUARD AND OF THE IORDANOFF FUND.

– Assistance in the analysis of the Association of Former Students’ ARCHIVES OF THE IMPERIAL LYCEE ALEXANDER AT TSARSKOE-SELO (5,500 pieces) by the SRAMA (Royal Society of Friends of the Museum of the Armed Forces) and translated into Russian.

– Support and translation into French of the analysis of archives of the COSSACK STANITSA OF BELGIUM carried out by the Cultural Centre for Information on Russian Emigration in Saint-Petersburg (CCI).

– GUIDE TO THE RUSSIAN SECTION OF THE MRA (in Russian): publication, in cooperation with the MRA, of the analysis of the archives by the CCI.

– Classification of two FAMILY ARCHIVES with the support of the Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB).


Deposited at the FPPR:

archives pending classification and analysis by experts, before they are handed over to a scientific institution to be made accessible to researchers.


  • Scientific cooperation with the Centre for information on Russian Emigration, CCI (Saint Petersburg), the House of Russia Abroad A.Soljenitsyne (Moscow), the Academy of Sciences of Russia (Saint Petersburg) and the Federation of Russian Associations, FAR (Paris).


  • Contribution to the fitting out of a Hall of Treasures of Imperial Russia in the MRA by the SRAMA and setting up of a Russian emigration show-window.


  • Organisation of international symposia: Role and image of Belgians in Russia, in cooperation with the Interbrew Baillet-Latour Rostrum of UCL-KUL, the Belgo-Luxemburg Chamber of Commerce for Russia and Belarus, the SRBII and other partners (SRBII, 2001-2002); History of Russian emigrations to Belgium, in cooperation with Europalia Russia and the KUL (Royal Academy of Belgium, 2005); Methodology and Ideology of the Sciences of History. Applied to the History of Russia (ULB 2010); Painters and artists of Russia abroad, and literature for children. A tribute to Elisabeth Ivanovsky (Saint Petersburg, 2010).


  • Recording of interviews of descendants of Russian emigrés, under the direction of Pierre Lierneux, Dr in Historical Sciences.


  • Publication of the scientific Review “Patrimoine russe”.
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  • Lectures and talks on Russian art, culture and history.


  • Educational concerts of Russian music.


  • Exhibition of Russian archives, in particular of objects and photographs in Saratov and Volgograd (2009), Grand Bigard (2009-10), Reims (2010-11) and at the MRA in Brussels (2013).